Published: March 19, 2020

What the closure means for you:

  • Closed means closed – no one should be working business-as-usual in our facilities. Please remember the intent behind these extraordinary measures taken by the university – to keep people away from campus sites - and do not actively undermine them. 
  • If you need to pick up something from your office or lab, by all means do so. You will need your Buff card and key. Avoid other people and limit your time in the building. 
  • There are no plans to formally lock-down CU facilities and turn off Buff card access at this time. But, this continued flexibility depends on the degree to which we all respect CU guidelines and work remotely.

RIO has asked us to identify critical services personnel who are designated to engage in the following activities ONLY during this period: 

  • Safety and security checks 
  • Critical infrastructure and equipment maintenance
  • Care of animals
  • Monitoring and care of biological samples and materials

For ICS, our critical services personnel are:

  • ICS Financial & Building Management (MUEN & CINC Buildings):
    Director Tammy Sumner and Associate Director Donna Caccamise
  • MUEN – site checks/financial mgmt/rooms/plants/mail, alternating/rotating site visits:
    Jean Bowen and Anna Redman
  • CINC – site checks/financial mgmt/rooms/plants/mail, alternating/rotating site visits:
    Alan Dale, Cat Latzer, Ellen MacKenzie, Tracey Parnaby
  • CU Change Lab (in CINC Building) –
    • Site checks on research infrastructure:
      Kent Hutchison, Cinnamon Bidwell, Angela Bryan
    • Check on and care for biological materials by alternating personnel:
      Nicholas Gonyea, Renee Martin-Willett, Gregory Giordano.
  • Intermountain Neuroimaging Consortium (INC)
    • Safety Operations of the Siemens fMRI Scanner and maintaining critical operations on system computers essential for users to analyze/process data while working remotely.
    • Essential tasks only require one person to perform and they will alternate employees so that only one person is on site at a time:
      Executive Director Marie Banich, Operations Director Nicole Speer, Teryn Wilkes, Lena Sherbakov, Kendra Huber, Keely Garcia, Keli Salyards, Pat Mullins