Published: March 13, 2020

All ICS-sponsored events have been cancelled through the remainder of the semester.

  • This includes all Friday Colloquia, Brain Awareness Week activities, and our annual Fiesta Poster celebration.

Colloquia & Special Events:

  • All remaining colloquia are cancelled through the remainder of the semester. The end-of-year Fiesta Poster gathering is also cancelled.
  • Brain Awareness Week - all events are cancelled.

Student Travel:

  • Were you scheduled to go on any ICS-supported travel, either through our student travel award program or as part of your grant-funded research?
  • Please contact Jean Bowen ( or Alan Dale ( for help cancelling your tickets and reservations. 

ICS Courses Moving Online:

Prof. Karli Carston’s course is now online

o Course is cross listed as: PHIL 3310, CSCI 3702, LING 3005, PSYC 3005
o Friday office hours: usual times (except 3/13), held via Zoom.
o Tuesday morning office hours are cancelled.
o No Thursday morning face to face classes. However Prof. Carston will record and distribute Zoom lectures.
o Online submission or viewing of:
      weekly quizzes, papers, peer feedback, etc. online
      access to the readings online
      watch Dr. Mike Eisenberg's weekly lectures online
o Online real time discussions may occur during the normal Thursday meeting times
o The TA Thursday morning office hours are now via Zoom.

Profs. Jim Martin and Albert Kim
o Course Cross listed as: CSCI 6402, EDUC 6504, LING 6200, PHIL 6310, and PSYC 6200
o Each week’s contact time will consist of one recorded lecture, an on-line discussion on Canvas, and a group discussion meeting held on Zoom.
   This format replaces the original format of two in-person lectures per week.
      Lectures.
        A weekly lecture will be recorded on Zoom and uploaded to the course Canvas page by Monday at 9pm of each week.
             -Students will be instructed to watch the lecture by Wednesday 9am.
      Discussion Board.
        After each recorded lecture is made available on Canvas, it will be accompanied by an online Discussion in Canvas.
            -Students will post questions and comments related to the lecture and to the accompanying reading assignment.
            -Students can reply to each other.
            -The Professor will also reply to selected posts.
      Discussion Meeting (Thursdays, 11am — 12:15pm).
        Each week, in the timeslot for the regular class meetings, students and professor will meet in a Zoom meeting for a spoken discussion of the topic of the week.
o Coffeehouse discussion groups
These meetings will continue, however, students are no longer required to meet in person.
They may now meet via Zoom, if they prefer.  

Prof. D'Mello's course details Research Applications Seminar (formerly ICS Practicum)
o Course is cross listed as: PSYC 7415/7425, LING 7415/7425, PHIL 7415/7425, EDUC 6506/6516, CSCI 7412/74220.
      The class is meeting at the same day and time over zoom for now.

o Course is cross listed as: PSYC 7775, LING 7775, CSCI 7772, EDUC 7775, SLHS 7775, PHIL 7810
o Required minimum number of talks: Prof. D'Mello is developing plans to make sure that students will be able to participate in the required minimum number of talks, which may include offering students a special talk or two over zoom.
o Keep checking email frequently: Prof. D'Mello is communicating with all class participants on an ongoing basis

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