Published: March 3, 2020

Please join us in congratulating the following ICS graduate students for their recent ICS Student Travel & Research Awards to support their ongoing research and publications.

  • Spencer Dudley (EDUC) was awarded a $500 travel stipend to  present a poster (sole author) at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting in San Francisco.  Their work is titled "Unravelling Confidence in Educational Systems; A Cross National Multi-Level Analysis of Public Opinion". 
  • Sarah Moeller (LING) was awarded a $500 travel stipend to  attend a workshop at the Language Technology for Language Documentation and Revitalization at Carnegie Mellon.  This workshop is directly related to their dissertation focus at the intersection of endangered languages & computational linguistics.
  • Don Bell-Soeder (SLHS)  was awarded a $500 travel stipend to present a paper (first author) at the CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing in Amherst, MA.  Their work is titled "Cortical Hemodynamic to Degraded Speech Shows in Right Fronto-Temporal Cortex of Broca's Area"

If you have any questions about the ICS Student Travel & Research Awards, please reach out to your departmental representative.

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