Published: Aug. 28, 2019

Cinnamon’s current research investigates the direct neurobiological effects of drugs of abuse, including high potency marijuana and cannabinoids in psychiatric and medical populations, and the direct physiological and behavioral effects of cannabinoids as they pertain to both their abuse potential and potential therapeutic effects in observational as well as double-blind, placebo controlled human laboratory studies. She is the Director of The Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabinoids and Health (CUREACH) Center.

ICS chatted with Cinnamon on how her new role at ICS.

ICS: How do you expect your role at ICS to change as a result of the promotion?
Cinnamon: It's an exciting opportunity to step into a broader role that is more integrative in terms of research, teaching, clinical services, and leadership opportunities at the Institute, the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, and CU more broadly.

ICS: What are some of your goals/hopes as an ICS Faculty member?
CInnamon: I am hoping to foster growth and depth in my lab as a core research arm of the Brain, Health, and Wellness component of the ICS strategic vision. Building on my already generative relationships with ICS and Psychology colleagues, I look forward to extending my own research, and the collaborative work of CU REACH, as leading contributors to the cannabis and health research field.