Published: July 19, 2018

Donna Caccamise, Associate Director and faculty at ICS, Bill Penuel and Joseph Polman, Affiliate Faculty with ICS presented their research and attended the London Festival of Learning June 22nd to the 30th at the University College London’s UCL Institute of Education. 

Donna presented on "Translating Theory to Practice: Technology Solutions to Solve Practical Issues for Teaching Reading Comprehension at the Secondary Level".

Bill presented on "Mapping Networks to Help Education Gain Insights into Complex Educational Systems", "The Challenge of Assessing 'Knowledge in Use': Examples From Three-dimensional Science Learning and Instruction" and "Networked by Design: Interventions for Teachers to Develop Social Capital".

Joseph presented on "Life-long Life-wide Learning within and Beyond the Disciplines", "From Quantified Self to Building a More Fit Community: Data Tracking and Science Infographics as Boundary Objects", "Learning Scientific Practices Through Participation as a Volunteer Community Scientis" and "Community Science Identity: Becoming Community Scientists in a Museum-based Genetics of Taste Program".

Samuel Severance, a former graduate student at ICS presented on "Examining Primary Teacher Expertise and Agency in the Collaborative Design of Project-Based Learning Innovations". 

For the first year the Festival brought the International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS), Learning @ Scale (L@S), and Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) conferences together under one event. Global experts in technical innovation in education, learning sciences, and artificial intelligence came together and engaged researchers, educators and businesses.