Published: July 12, 2017

CU Boulder has started a new podcast covering research at the University, including three episodes covering work by ICS researchers.

"Daniel Lee Suggests Eye Expressions Helped Us Evolve" covers ICS Research Associate Dr. Daniel Lee's research on facial expressions, what they mean, and where they come from. Dr. Lee points out how the eyes escpecially play a crucial role. “We found that the most important dimension for reading the eyes is how wide open they are or how narrow they are.”


"Study Shows That Hand Holding Can Ease Pain" covers ICS Visiting Scholar Dr. Pavel Goldstein's study of 22 couples, which found that when an empathetic partner holds the hand of a woman in pain, their heart and respiratory rates sync and her pain dissipates. Dr. Goldstein came up with the idea after witnessing the birth of his daughter, now 4.


"Can Heartbreak be Relieved by a Placebo Effect?" covers ICS Post-Doc Dr. Leonie Koban's study, the first to measure placebos’ impact on emotional pain from romantic rejection.