Published: April 10, 2017

Christie Yoshinaga-Itano, Angela Bryan, Eliana Colunga, and Adam Young

Clockwise from top right: Dr. Christie Yoshinaga-Itano, Dr. Angela Bryan, Dr. Eliana Colunga, and Adam Young.

Several ICS members recently recieved the following awards:


  • ICS Research Professor and SLHS Professor Emerita Dr. Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, who was honored last night by the Business and Professional Women of Boulder with the Woman of the Year: Lifetime Achievement award.

  • ICS Fellow Angela Bryan received the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award from the Graduate School.

  • ICS Fellow Eliana Colunga received a LEAP grant from the Graduate School.

  • ICS Joint PhD student Adam Young was awarded a grant through the Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grants program. These competitive awards are sponsored by the Graduate School to support the research, scholarship, and creative work of graduate students from all departments.