Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest national undergraduate honor society in the United States. The University of Colorado’s chapter, the first in the state, was founded in 1904, and the first six members were elected and initiated in spring, 1905.

Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is by invitation. At the University of Colorado, invitations are issued twice each year to those undergraduates who meet specified criteria of GPA, undergraduate major in Arts and Sciences, number of credit hours at University of Colorado, and ethical standards. Invitations are normally made in October and February for initiation in December and April each year.

Visit Phi Beta Kappa to learn more or click here to learn about CU’s local chapter.

The following students from our Humanities Major have been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

Spring 2013

  • Eisner, Oriel
  • Lindas, Julie
  • Squadra, Emily

Fall 2010

  • Allen, Travis Alexander
  • Lozow, Emily Jordan
  • Medansky, David Patrick
  • Strauss, Stephanie Victoria

Spring 2009

  • Roberts, Lindsay Michelle
  • Robinson, Jessica Colleen
  • Schreckengast, Vanessa Marie

Spring 2008

  • Cross, Donald Justin
  • Echternach, Julia Michelle
  • Faichnie, Hillary Eve
  • Weber, Sara Lauren

Fall 2007

  • Bridges, Chelsea Patricia
  • Campbell, Matthew Jordan
  • McKeown, Greer Justine
  • Oatman, Julie Perkins
  • Riddle, Kaitlyn

Spring 2007

  • Kagan, Kira Anais
  • Trotsky, Kari

Fall 2006

  • Hargrave, Allison
  • Raggio, Caitlyn

Spring 2006

  • Eason, Mackenzie
  • Schlagel, Tia
  • Turner, Alison

Fall 2005

  • Ahlstrand, Brian
  • Arithson, Kristine Andryn
  • Bane, Kelsey
  • Cash, Lindsey Leigh
  • Rowland, Teisha
  • Surey, Michele