Given the richness of choice available within the Humanities Major, careful advising is essential. Each student develops an individual program of study under the supervision of the Humanities Undergraduate Advisors. Frequent consultations with the Undergraduate Advisors are therefore strongly encouraged.

Prospective majors should meet with the Humanities Undergraduate Advisors to discuss the opportunities offered by the Humanities Major and the ways in which courses already taken might fit into the major.

Majors are encouraged to use the Humanities Major Coursework Planning Worksheet to help them keep track of requirements.

In addition to meeting with the program’s undergraduate advisors, students are encouraged to seek out Humanities faculty for advice and guidance on specific areas of interest they may have as well for advice concerning preparation for graduate study.

Hayes Moore, the official primary advisor for HUMN majors and minors, can be reached via email at, 303-735-3744 at the Academic Advising Center

but to make an appointment use the   Advising Website  

Mr. Seydel will be your go-to person for questions about graduating, Core requirements, degree audits, and so on.

Annje Wiese, Associate Chair of HUMN and Undergraduate Director, can be reached via email to schedule appointments at or by phone at 303-492-5444. Click here for office hours.