The Minor in Humanities offers students the opportunity to take a range of interdisciplinary courses offered by the Humanities Program faculty. Total: 18 hours (9 upper division)


  1. Any two of HUMN 1110 ,1120, 1210 or 1220  (6 hours)
  2. HUMN 2000(3 hours)  Methods and Approaches to the Humanities
  3. 9 hours: Upper-division  HUMN courses 

The Value of a Minor in Humanities

The breadth of knowledge as well as the depth of critical analysis offered by the Humanities Program’s courses have proven to be a great benefit to students pursuing a variety of other majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, in the Professional Schools (especially for students pursuing a pre-medical or pre-law school program of study). This minor provides students with the kinds of skills and interests that enhance employment opportunities as well as applications to graduate school.

Humanities Program courses are designed to train students to understand and analyze critical, historical, social, political and aesthetic issues from different perspectives and to teach students to draw independent conclusions from their engagement with works drawn from different disciplines, different historical periods, and different traditions. Our courses also help develop excellent written and verbal communication skills—recognized by the business and scientific worlds as indicators of future innovators as well as indicators of high quality practitioners and researchers across many different fields (media, communications, arts, creative design, marketing, etc.).