Alex Priou
Teaching Assistant Professor

Alex Priou is currently Teaching Assistant Professor in the Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics, and Society at the University of Colorado Boulder and Faculty Fellow in the Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization.  His research and teaching both focus on the history of political philosophy, with specialization in Plato and the Pre-Socratic poets and philosophers.  He's the author of three books: Becoming Socrates: Political Philosophy in Plato's Parmenides (2018), Defending Socrates: Political Philosophy Before the Tribunal of Science (2023), and Musings on Plato's Symposium (2023).  He has also published a wide range of essays in academic journals and edited volumes, in addition to editing a volume of essays by his former teacher, Laurence Berns, under the title Politics, Nature, and Piety: On the Natural Basis of Political Life (2022).  Lastly, he often writes for a broader audience and is the co-host of a weekly podcast, The New Thinkery, with his two close friends, Greg McBrayer and David Bahr.