*Contact GSLL Business Manager before filling out web form to obtain correct speedtype.  Check with GSLL Business Manager before purchasing if you are unsure if expense is an allowable expense*

To avoid tax implications, the employee must submit and approve the reimbursement request within 90 days of purchase (allow time for request to be processed).  See CU website for more information.

Note:  receipts must be itemized (showing what was purchased) and must show item was received.  If receipt isn’t itemized (often the case with membership fees, conference registration, etc.), then you can print a screen shot from the organization website listing the amount you paid and submit that along with the receipt.  If receipt is from a vendor that doesn’t issue receipts, a handwritten list of what was purchased, amount for each purchase, tax charged, etc. should suffice.  If receipt not in English, please translate receipt.  If purchase was less than $25, and not food/beverage, you can upload a document listing the title of book, film, etc. instead of a receipt.

You have the option of uploading receipts into Concur, or uploading them in the online form.  If you prefer to upload receipts into concur, go to MyCUInfo, CU Resources, Concur Travel & Expense System, Expense.  Under “Available Receipts,” you should see a prompt to “upload new receipt.”  You can then upload your receipts.  Once you upload receipt in Concur, you will still need to fill out form below to give speedtype, etc.

If you are submitting this form on behalf of a non-employee, you will need to enter their name, email, and mailing adress.  You will also need to indicate if they are a U.S. citizen (see online form for additional information regarding payments to non-U.S. citizens).

Instructions for filling out web form (you will submit one form for each receipt):

  • you will need to be logged into VPN to complete web form
  • Login with Identikey (top, left hand side)
  • Select GSLL’s FSC tech:  Nina Craciun
  • Dept. Abbreviation/Org. # EBIO through LING (choose GSLL)
  • Requestor name:  enter your name (you will also enter your name as the “payee”
  • Receipt (itemized)
  • If you have uploaded the receipt in Concur, you don’t need to upload the receipt again.
  • If you haven’t uploaded the receipt in Concur, you can do this now.
  • If you don’t have receipt and item is < $25, and not food/beverage, you can upload a document listing the title of the book, film, etc.
  • Speedtype: ask GSLL Business Manager which speedtype to use (if Business Manager is out of the office, Program Assistant can give you a speedtype to use, and we can move the expense if necessary).
  • Food/beverage:  if for meals, you will need to list all people that attended, and UCB affiliation (e.g. McKenna Duck, UCB faculty; McKenna Turtle, UCB student; Karen GeyserGazer, UCB staff).  If over 10 people attended the event, you can list approximate numbers (e.g. 15 UCB faculty, 10 UCB students).  Important Note:  Except for visiting guest speakers, etc. we are not allowed to spend university funds for people not affiliated with CU.  Contact Karen if you have any questions.
  • Description (e.g. books, films, membership dues, meal for visiting guest speaker, etc.)
  • Business Purpose (e.g. teaching, research, teaching and research, enrichment event for GSLL students, expenses for visiting guest speaker, etc.)
  • Have a copy of form emailed to Karen (if you also want a copy of form, have it emailed to yourself, and forward to Karen)