You will need to complete form and upload all documents in one sitting.

Note: honorarium payments to international visitors are taxed at the 30% rate

Honorarium Information Form

Information needed from visitor: 

  • visitor legal name, email, home address, and phone number
  • citizenship status (U.S. citizen or green card?)
  • has visitor been a CU employee in past 12 months?  If so, will need dates of employment
  • Additional information needed from international employees (n/a if employee gave remote talk outside U.S.)
    • compliance statement
    • citizenship status (foreign national or international student)
    • copy of passport page with photo and page with entry stamp to U.S.
    • I-94 (have visitor google "I-94 online"
    • Wire Payment Request form, if payee is international and honorarium is $500 or more

 Information needed from faculty sponsor

  • amount of honorarium
  • funding source (speedtype)
  • honorarium purpose

If you are reimbursing visitor for travel expenses, you will need to submit these using the Travel Reimbursement form.