*Contact Karen before filling out web form to obtain correct speedtype and to ensure you have enough funds to cover all of your travel expenses. *

Form is used travel reimbursement and to submit receipts for charges made to your CU travel card (including airfare, hotel reservations, etc. for a visitor/non-employee).

To avoid tax implications, the employee must submit and approve the travel reimbursement request within 90 days of the end of the trip (allow time for request to be processed).  See CU website for more information.

If you are filling out form for travel reimbursement for a non-employee, you will need:  traveler's name, email, mailing address, citizenship, dates of travel, receipts, total amount of reimbursement (per diem will be calcuated automatically).  If traveler is not a U.S. citizen/permanent resident, you will need to submit additional information (see link on web form)

Note:  Receipts not needed for expenses < $75 (you will need date, and details of expense). Receipts not needed for meals - you will be reimbursed at the per diem rate for the city you are in. Other receipts must be itemized (showing what was purchased) and must show item was received.  Hotel receipts must have a zero balance.  If you have any room service expenses on your hotel receipt, you should deduct these from the amount of the hotel receipt, and request reimbursement for these meals at the per diem rate.  If receipt is not in English, please translate receipt.

You have the option of uploading receipts into Concur, or uploading them in the online form.  If you prefer to upload receipts into concur, go to MyCUInfo, CU Resources, Concur Travel & Expense System, Expense.  Under “Available Receipts,” you should see a prompt to “upload new receipt.”  You can then upload your receipts.  Once you upload receipt in Concur, you will still need to fill out form below to give speedtype, etc.

Instructions for filling out web form (you will submit one form for trip):

  • you will need to be logged into VPN to complete web form
  • Login with Identikey (top, left hand side)
  • Select GSLL’s FSC tech:  Nina Craciun
  • Dept. Abbreviation/Org. # EBIO through LING (choose GSLL)
  • Form completed by: enter your name
  • Traveler name name:  enter your name (if you are submitting a form on behalf of a non-employee, enter their name)
  • Receipt (itemized)
  • If you have uploaded the receipt in Concur, you don’t need to upload the receipt again.
  • If you haven’t uploaded the receipt in Concur, you can do this now.
  • Dates Traveled: if personal travel was included in trip, then list business travel dates and add comments in "additional comments" section of form.
  • Full Per Diem?:  If meals were provided as part of conference, etc., then reply "no."  Otherwise you should answer yes. If you answer "no" a dropdown box will appear, and you can list all meals you would like to be reimbursed for (any meals that weren't covered by the conference).  Or, you can list all meals covered by the conference in the "additional comments" section at the end of the form, and you will be reimbursed for all other meals.
  • Conference Name:  if you didn't attend a conference, enter "n/a"
  • Maximum reimbursement amount:  should be no more than the total amount you have available to spend in all of your CU speedtypes.  See Karen before you submit if you have any questions.
  • Speedtype: ask Karen which speedtype to use (if Karen is out of the office, Casey can give you a speedtype to use, and we can move the expense if necessary).
  • Business Purpose (e.g. research, visiting xxxx archives in city, country; attending xxxx conference in city, country, etc..)
  • Copy of form will automatically be sent to Karen.