•Votes don’t match or not explained (e.g. 8 votes for research and 7 votes for teaching). Abstentions should always be listed even if “0.” The format for describing votes should be “For-Against-Abstention” (5-0-0, for example).

•Important tenure clock information missing (COVID clock stoppage, parental leaves, waiving first semester of service, credit towards tenure).

•Identifying external reviewers by description (e.g. “Chair of the largest English department of the Ivy League Colleges).

•Identifying advisees and students by name.

•The terms “reappointment” and “comprehensive review” are used interchangeably. Chair should use the same term that was used in the candidate’s offer letter (usually “comprehensive review” for TTT faculty, and “reappointment” for instructors/teaching professors).

•Description of voting process (and whether chair participates) missing (this information is in GSLL bylaws).


Note: Chair's letter for ttt faculty should be addressed to A&S Dean.  Chair's letter for teaching professor rank faculty should be addressed to "Dean of Division".