Advice on cv construction (A&S website).  Items on cv should be listed in order of most recent to least recent.

If submitting additional teaching materials (syllabi, additional course assignments and materials, etc), please send these in one pdf.

If candidate had a previous appointment with GSLL, materials from the spring semester after their last reappointment should be included in materials submitted (e.g. if candidate last went up for reappointment in fall 2021, candidate shold submit materials from spring 2022 through the current semester).  Candidate can also include materials from the fall semester they were up for reappointment, if those materials weren’t evaluated during that reappointment (PUEC and chair should be notified that these materials weren’t included in previous reappointment). If previous GSLL appointment was not related to the current reappointment, then materials from previous appointment don't need to be included (e.g. if a faculty member was a lecturer, and then hired as an instructor, materials from the lecturer appointment shouldn't included in the reappointment dossier).

TTT faculty:  Notify Karen if you want FCQ comment sheets/qualitative results included in your dossier.  FCQ comment sheets/qualitative results are optional; if submitting, all results wlll be included (Spring 2020 qualitative and quantitative results will not be included in your dossier unless you provide them).  Department has copies of FCQs, so faculty member does not need to submit these.  (Qualitative results are included in teaching professor rank faculty dossiers.)