Published: Feb. 25, 2022
Flag of Ukriane

Faculty in the Russian program of GSLL unequivocally condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Among us are faculty from Ukraine as well as from Russia, Belarus, and the United States, and this unprovoked war represents not only a flagrant disregard of international law, but an imminent threat to family members and friends. In the coming days and weeks, we will address this unfolding crisis in our courses, but we will also continue teaching and holding events on other topics. We believe that the most constructive thing we can do is carry on with our mission to educate students and the broader public about the complex history and diverse cultures of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet space.

We encourage our students to learn more about Ukraine and the war by attending related events at CU and elsewhere. For details about upcoming virtual programs in and beyond the U.S., consult the ASEEES Ukraine Events Calendar or visit the websites for the following research centers: 

The Ukrainian Research Institute (Harvard)

The Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies (Harvard)

The Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia (New York University)

The Harriman Institute (Columbia)

The Institute of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (UC Berkeley)