While fall 2023 recruitment has closed, there is an opportunity in the spring to get involved in Panhellenic. Learn about continuous open bidding and how to participate in the more informal spring recruitment process.

There are also some great member opportunities with our Associate Panhellenic Chapters: Phi Sigma Rho and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. For more information on their recruitment process, contact FSL@colorado.edu.

Letter from theElla Peterman
Vice President of Recruitment

Hello potential new members,

Congratulations on your decision to attend CU Boulder! One of your first, big, adult decisions is complete; take a moment to celebrate and recognize how big of an achievement that is! I personally was terrified when choosing to attend CU, but it turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. I now know how to ski, get excited when it’s above 45 degrees, and am obsessed with our live-mascot Ralphie, all while studying hard of course. CU is a great place to explore what you’re interested in, learn new things about academics and yourself, and truly be equipped to take on the future and change the world.

Joining a sorority is also a big decision that we are so excited you are making! The decision to join a sorority helps make our 30,000-person campus a little bit smaller and more like home. Not only are you joining an amazing chapter, but you are joining a community of Panhellenic women. This amazing community extends beyond your letters, and Panhellenic membership offers leadership, scholarship, service opportunities, and life-long connections.

Recruitment can be exciting, exhausting, fun, and stressful all at once! Myself, the rest of the Panhellenic Executive Board, and your Rho Gammas are here to support you through all of these emotions. Our goal is to help you find the place you feel most at home. Remember to enjoy the weekend, be authentic, seek out the place you feel will help you grow into the best version of yourself over the next four years, and take a deep breath. Letters are just letters, but the people in the chapter are what makes it feel like home.

My biggest piece of advice to potential new members is to be yourselves. You’re probably rolling your eyes at how cliché it sounds to trust the process and be yourself, but really listen to it! When I was going through Recruitment, I was trying so hard to be the person I thought chapters would love instead of staying true to myself and telling my horrible jokes and being the complete version of myself. Recruitment is a time to showcase who you truly are—all your quirks, values, personality traits- chapters want to learn who you really are! There’s no mold for a “sorority girl,” no matter what you hear. There’s no right or wrong chapter, just the best fit for you. Letters are just letters, don’t make choices based on the letters on the house, pay attention to the feeling you get when you’re in the house and talking to the members. Do you feel like home? Don’t worry, I’m confident that you’ll find it.

Now, get out there and show these chapters who you are! I’m already super excited, you should be too!

Ella Peterman
Vice President of Recruitment

Learn more about the recruitment process through the links below. If you are a current member, find resources on the Current Members page.

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