What does it mean?

How is it assigned?

Masters Student Status


Registered for coursework and/or masters thesis hours


Automatic- based on registration


Registered for “candidate for degree”, course # 6940-6949

(Students who are required to be registered for thesis defense or master’s final exam but have no courses or thesis hours left to take, and/or students who must remain full time.  A maximum of 3 hours should be taken per semester, as this registration placeholder cannot be used toward a student’s degree)

Automatic- based on registration

Doctoral Student Status

Pre-Comprehensive Exam


Registered for coursework or coursework/dissertation hour combination


Automatic- based on registration


Registered for dissertation hours only


Automatic- based on registration

Post-Comprehensive Exam


Registered for 3 or 5+ dissertation hours as required by Graduate School Rules


Changed by Grad School for semester following admission to candidacy



Most of the different statuses are assigned automatically based on the student’s registration.  The only exception is “D” status, which is assigned by the Graduate School.  Students must have passed their comprehensive exam, and have been admitted to candidacy before this status can be changed.  The status is changed for an upcoming semester.