Information & Deadlines

If your committee placed conditions on the passing of your comprehensive examination, work with your committee chair to understand the requirements and timeline for completion.  When your committee confirms that you have met the conditions, initiate the process below.

Signatures Required 

The signature of your committee chair must be obtained through the workflow process to confirm that the conditions have been completed and the date of completion.

Submission & Routing Information

Complete the landing page with your name, program, and the name and e-mail address of the comprehensive examination committee chair. Click “submit.” On the form, add the date of your original comprehensive examination and student ID number. Include information about the conditions and completion as appropriate (You have the option to attach a separate document if desired). Select “finish” to route the form through the following process:

1.      The form will be sent to your committee chair to verify that the conditions have been completed and the date of completion.  The chair can add additional information as appropriate.

2.      When your chair has signed and the form is complete, you will receive a pdf version of the form with signatures via e-mail. The form will also be forwarded to your program, chair, and to the Graduate School. 

Additional Information can be found HERE.

Student Information:

Committee Chair Information: