Published: Oct. 13, 2021

To our graduate and professional colleagues,

Please see below for a weekly update from the Graduate and Professional Student Government, which you should also be receiving from your department representative or college senator.

Upcoming events and opportunities:

Week in Review:

  • The CU Student Government (CUSG) Legislative Council has recently announced a strike in response to systemic racism within the CUSG system and a transfer of power to university administration which undermines the autonomy of their government. GPSG executives have written a statement clarifying the role of GPSG in this strike and our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in our daily operations. Our full statement can be found here.
  • Dean Adler of the Grad School will be attending assembly next week to answer questions about the Grad School Strategic Plan. Please bring any questions or comments you or your constituents have!
  • We scheduled a meeting with the new Associate Vice Chancellor of DEI at the end of October
  • The GPSG assembly approved an executive nomination for a graduate student to join the CTL Board. We still have applications available for various campus positions.
  • The GPSG assembly committees presented their goals at Tuesday's meeting. See minutes from the meeting here.
  • We have a bunch of old iClickers (around 50) that we no longer use. If you know someone who could use them for a class please email We have not checked the battery status, etc but anyone is welcome to claim them! Availability is first-come, first-served. 
  • As executives we meet with administrators all the time. If you have questions that should be directed to administrators please let us know! In some cases we may already have an answer.

If any questions arise, you can reach out to your representative or contact us at

We hope you stay safe and have a great week,

Emily JensenBarra Peak, and Bobby Vondrasek

GPSG Executive Team