Published: Jan. 15, 2021

Read our latest statement regarding the promotion of violence, treason, and sedition by visiting scholar Dr. John Eastman from the GPSG officer and executive teams:

Over the course of the Fall 2020 semester, we at GPSG have issued several statements on the xenophobic, anti-democratic sentiments that John Eastman has perpetuated with vitriol during his tenure as a visiting scholar at CU Boulder. On September 4th, we categorically condemned Dr. Eastman's revival of the racist 'birther' argument to question Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris' eligibility for elected office, based on the VISA status of her parents at birth. On November 11th, we condemned Dr. Eastman's repeated appeals to thoroughly debunked claims of voter fraud in urban areas with a majority non-white populations, in a clear case of racist voter disenfranchisement. These claims were repeated at the Washington D.C. rally that led to the violent storming of the Capitol on January 6th, and Dr. Eastman's response to the Chancellor's condemning of these falsehoods has simply been to hide behind a thin veil of 'academic freedom' as a defense, in a petulant and shameful display.

We at GPSG support free-speech, but also recognize that Constitutional protections of free speech do not extend to the promotion of violence, treason, and sedition. Put bluntly, John Eastman has proven himself to be an unapologetic promoter of xenophobic rhetoric and anti-democratic sentiments, and is unworthy to continue his appointment as a member of our CU Boulder community. We at GPSG call for his immediate removal from his position, and for him to be formally censured.