Published: Jan. 28, 2020

The Graduate School announced changes to graduate and professional student benefits and fees in today’s CUBT Graduate Student Edition. The highlights:

  1. Parental leave for all students and paid leave for students on appointment.

  2. Opt-in dental insurance covered at the same rate as Gold SHIP for students on appointment.

  3. University coverage of the RTD College Pass for students on appointment.

  4. University-wide reductions of two fees: saving $59.20 per academic year, pending Regents approval.

UGGS is thrilled to see these initial changes being enacted from the recommendations made by the Compensation and Benefits Taskforce and from the ongoing conversations between UGGS and the Graduate School. These benefits and changes to fees represent a big win for the graduate and professional student community at CU Boulder, and reflect the persistence of many student groups in making their voices heard both publicly and through the presence of UGGS on committees across campus.

This is a great step forward, but the work isn’t over yet. We recognize the financial burden of being a graduate student in Boulder, and will continue to advocate for graduate and professional students well-being and success in our ongoing meetings with the Graduate School and the CU Boulder Administration.