Global Brigades at the University of Colorado Boulder offers every student the opportunity to become a member and attend Global Brigade meetings.  The meetings will be held throughout the academic year, every other Sunday at 7:00pm in HLMS 199, starting one week after the informational sessions end.  The general Global Brigades meetings will primarily focus on creating a friendly community where students can meet new faces, plan fun group events and get together to locally volunteer through Global Brigade's partner, United Way.  Before Fall break, each Global Brigades program will release their application to determine which students will have the opportunity to join them abroad. The application process is used because each program can only accommodate a certain amount of students due to each program's project capacity, financial cost and safety restrictions.  We release applications later in the year to better gauge students interest and passion for Global Brigades and for their desired program.  Attendance and participation at meetings and events greatly contribute to the acceptance of students into CU's Global Brigade's programs.

Following the formation of the Global Brigades programs, meetings oriented for each program will occur weekly as general Global Brigades meetings continue every other week. These specially oriented meetings are tailored to prepare students for their upcoming brigade. This will include in-country itineraries, walk-throughs of clinics and blueprints and other details pertinent to the trip.

More details regarding each program are available on the right.