Global Brigades

Global Brigades is an international non-profit organization that empowers communities to meet their health and economic goals through university volunteers and local teams.  Global Brigades provides eight programs to develop sustainability throughout different sectors of life, government and industry: Public Health, Medical, Dental, Engineering, Water, Business, Environmental, Human Rights and Micro-finance.  These programs mold Global Brigade's holistic model of sustainability. Global Brigade's holistic model aims to build moral, educational and economic infrastructure in under-resourced communities to empower such communities to become self-sustaining.

CU's Story

The University of Colorado Boulder first established Global Brigades in 2009 with the implementation of a Medical Brigade.  Now Global Brigades at CU continues to grow and establish itself as a well-respected student group across campus and throughout the Boulder community.  Currently, CU offers two of Global Brigade's eight programs: Medical and Dental.  This academic year of 2019-2020, we will be going to Panama! Our trip will allow us to learn from both spanish-speaking and indigenous, rural communities, as we work as the first part of Global Brigade's sustainable development model.

Local Partners

Recently, Global Brigades has partnered with United Way to create local opportunities for university students to positively impact their local communities as well as the developing countries they annually visit. Our partnership with United Way allows students who cannot afford the time or money for the brigade to participate within Global Brigades and experience the same comradery, atmosphere and opportunities as those attending the brigade. We want to include everyone and show CU students the positive atmosphere that the Global Brigades program and its members bring to our community.

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