Can Geology majors study abroad?

Yes. Students hoping to go abroad for a semester will need to plan in advance, but it is absolutely possible. Short-terms programs also provide good options during summer or winter breaks, which might involve the study of Geology, or perhaps provide an opportunity to fulfill your A&S Core (or general degree elective credits). The Geology Education Abroad Guide provides information about how to plan for your time abroad. You will need to work with both your Geology Advisor and Education Abroad Advisors throughout the program selection/pre-departure process.

Field Geology in Australia

Every other summer, the Geology Department offers GEOL 4725, Field Geology in Australia. The prerequisite is GEOL 2700. This class will satisfy one of the two upper-division field classes that are required for the major. 

This is a 2-credit class offered jointly with Australia's University of Wollongong (UOW). Alongside UOW students and faculty, you’ll be conducting field investigations of rocks dating from the early Precambrian to the Holocene in order to reconstruct key events in the geologic evolution of South Australia. The emphasis of the class is on refining your observational skills. If you are interested, you'll need to apply through the Education Abroad Office, as this class is run as a Global Seminar.