1.    Coursework – Each fellow will complete the required degree core courses, plus professional modules and selected elective courses.

2.    Research – Each fellow will undertake PhD research related to the GAANN topic area, “Resilient and Equitable Infrastructure through Participatory, Inclusive Engineering”, and be collaboratively advised by two GAANN faculty to obtain a systems perspective. 

4.    Teaching – Each fellow will complete two semesters of Teaching Assistantships during their course of study.  In addition, the GAANN Fellow will complete the Certificate in College Teaching through the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

5.    Mentorship / Service – Each fellow is encouraged and supported to participate in mentoring undergraduates.  In addition, applicants will participate in outreach/service projects each academic year, such as judging a science fair, assisting with a program for elementary, middle, or high school students, participating in tutoring or workshops with our BOLD Center, or another approved program.

6.    GAANN Cohort Activities – The cohort of fellows will participate in bi-weekly meetings and other campus programs, such as inclusive pedagogy and leadership to foster community and ongoing development. In addition, fellows will complete and update individual development plans (IDP), reports, assessments/reflections, and career development programs. 

7.    Financial Support – The GAANN Fellowship provides a stipend tied to the NSF GSRP stipend level (~$2833/mo) and covers tuition and fees. However, the amount of each student’s award is determined by their demonstrated financial need from the FAFSA review.