Steve Olson

Steve Olson graduated from CU Denver in 1987.  He has extensive experience in servicing, troubleshooting, flow balancing of air and water systems, ductwork fabrication and installation of refrigeration and HVAC systems, as well as controls design, drafting and installation.  Mr. Olson has worked as a fabricator, installer, service technician, balancing technician, drafter and engineer.

Working as a project contractor at CU Boulder, Mr. Olson has performed multiple commissioning and retro-commissioning functions including numerical analysis of projected energy savings; plan, specification, and submittal reviews;  system performance modeling; contract document review; refrigeration design review; control design review; mechanical design review; development of systems manuals and project final reports; project commissioning status reviews; on-site mechanical and electrical functional and systems testing; and troubleshooting system performance issues.