This page provides information on FCQ forms and reports currently and previously in use and indicates how to obtain past copies of FCQ section reports.

Sample forms

Current online FCQ forms - implemented fall 2018/2020

Previous FCQ forms

Sample reports through summer 2017
  • Section report (numerical results for a single course-section, online or paper FCQ)
    • The 8 ½ x 11" sheet included in each FCQ envelope when it was returned to instructors after forms have been scanned and processed. Includes complete FCQ numerical results for a single course section, including scanning results and comparative data. A duplicate set of section reports was sent to the academic dept. office for their permanent records.
    • Copies of section reports that were sent to various deans, vice chancellors and archive offices for their permanent files. Distribution copies were sent out approximately 3 months after the initial section reports are distributed.
    • Annotated section report with definitions
  • Response compilation (student responses for a single course-section, online FCQ classes only)
  • Instructor summary (Boulder only)
    • Gives one line of data for each course taught by an instructor from 1988 through summer 2017.
  • Department summary (Boulder only)
    • Gives departmental averages and comparative data from 1988 through summer 2017 in each of four areas (student grades, instructor ratings, course ratings, and workload).
  • Online FCQ reports
    • Online FCQ results through summer 2017 were printed out and returned to the department at the same time as paper FCQs. Instructors received two reports for each of their classes served with online FCQs. The first, an FCQ section report identical to that produced for paper forms, summarizes the ratings (i.e., average ratings and comparison to peers). The second, an FCQ response compilation, lists both ratings and comments made by each student, identified by sequence number. This FCQ response compilation replaced the information normally gained from the paper FCQs themselves.
Requesting FCQ section reports from before fall 2006

If you cannot locate either the instructor copy or the department copy of your FCQ section reports from before fall 2006, you'll need to get them through the archives. The permanent files are at:

  • Boulder campus: Contact Norlin Library Special Collections & Archives at (303) 492-6144 to schedule an appointment. Bring an accurate list of the courses and terms for which you need section reports (bring an FCQ instructor summary if you have it, which accurately lists all courses). Also bring photo ID and cash for cost of copying (15 cents a copy up to 50 copies – note that the archives office is not on the copy card system). If you have an extensive list of courses, it may take 1 - 2 hours for the retrieval and copy process.
  • Denver campus: Academic Affairs Office (303) 315-2107
  • Colorado Springs campus: Academic Affairs Office (719) 255-3700