According to Appendix A. section E. of CU administrative policy statement APS 5060, Emeritus distinction is awarded to those faculty in the ranks of Full Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Principal Instructor, Senior Instructor, or Instructor, upon retirement, who are nominated by their department for this distinction and whose nomination is supported through the usual personnel review process. 


Note: This form should only be used after a faculty member has retired.

If the primary unit chooses to request emeritus status for a retiring faculty member, the liaison must initiate this form to request approval of the status by the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA). Information on the retirement process can be found on the OFA website here.  In colleges and schools with individual departments and programs, the department or program is the primary unit.  In colleges and schools without a departmental structure, the primary unit is the college or school itself.     

  • Once a vote of the primary unit has taken place to recommend emeritus status, the primary unit chair must write a letter to the dean requesting emeritus status. The letter should include the primary unit vote (yes, no, and abstentions) on the status. Emeritus status is awarded at the rank the faculty member holds at the time of retirement.
  • The recommendation letter should be submitted to the dean’s office liaison.  The dean’s office liaison will then initiate approval of the emeritus status request by completing this form and attaching the recommendation letter written by the chair of the primary unit.
  • When filling out the form, the dean’s office liaison should include the required school/college/department/program approvals.
  • The form will route to OFA for approval automatically. Please do not add OFA approvers as part of the approval list as this will duplicate OFA approvals.
  • The liaison will have an optional opportunity to copy up to 5 additional individuals or units (for example, the Human Resources Service Center) for any additional processing that is necessary per specific school/college/department procedures.

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