Current and recent courses

EVEN 1000 (1 credit, Fall) Introduction to Environmental Engineering
Introduces students to environmental engineering as an academic major and a career.
Covers air quality, aquatic ecology, chemical processing, energy, site remediation, and water resources and treatment. Includes reading and writing on the history of environmental engineering major environmental issues, and professional ethics. Requisites: EVEN majors (syllabus).

CVEN 5464 (3 credits, Fall) Environmental Engineering Processes
Develops and utilizes analytic solutions for environmental process models that can be used in a) reactor design for processes used in the treatment of water, wastewater and hazardous waste and b) process analysis of natural systems, such as streams and groundwater flow. Models facilitate the tracking of contaminants in engineered and natural systems. Same as EVEN 4464. Requisites: Hydraulics and restricted to graduate students.

CVEN 5524 (3 credits, Spring) Drinking Water Treatment
Provides advanced study on theory-of-treatment processes, including design and operation of municipal water treatment. Requisites: Water Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Processes.

CVEN 6504 (3 credits, Fall) Advanced Physical-Chemical Processes for Water and Water Reuse Treatment teaches the process fundamentals of (1) granular activated carbon adsorption, (2) UV, ozone and advanced oxidation processes, (3) membrane filtration and reverse osmosis treatment and (4) ion exchange and applications to impaired water sources.  Team taught. Pre- or co- requisites: Drinking Water Treatment.

In addition to the three courses above, he has taught Water and Wastewater Treatment (UG), Appropriate Treatment Technologies for Developing Communities (G), and team taught Water and Wastewater Issues for Small Communities (G)

Professor Summers has served as the thesis advisor for 30 PhD, 60 MS and 16 undergraduate students. He has published with over 30 undergraduate students.