• 1995-2018: North American Membrane Society Workshops: Measurement Methods for Membranes


  • MCEN 4047: Mechanical engineering laboratory

  • MCEN 5228 (special topics): Membrane science seminar

  • MCEN 3032: Thermodynamics 2

    • Offers advanced topics and applications for thermal system design and analysis. Topics include thermodynamics of state, entropy, thermodynamic cycles and reacting and nonreacting mixtures. Provides application to power generation, refrigeration and HVAC with conventional and advanced technologies. Most assignments are design oriented. 

  • MCEN 5228 (special topics): Mass transfer for engineers

  • CVEN 6834 (special topics): Physical characterization and measurement methods.

  • CVEN 5834 (special topics): Membrane-based separations.

  • EVEN 4047 (special topics): Techno-economic analysis for environmental engineering

  • CHEN 3200: Chemical engineering fluid mechanics.

    • Introduces fluid mechanics and momentum transfer, emphasizing the application of these principles to chemical engineering systems.