John PellegrinoJohn Pellegrino is an alumnus of the Department of Chemical Engineering at CU-Boulder (MS and PhD), and is currently a Professor-Research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 2008. Prior to joining the research faculty at CU, he was vice-president of Santa Fe Science and Technology, Inc., a start-up, defense, contract-research company focused on commercialization and applications of the electroactive polymer polyaniline. Between 1987-2001, he was the project leader for membrane separations in the Physical and Chemical Properties Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Prior to NIST, he was a senior research engineer and market development specialist in E.I. duPont's Engineered Nonwovens Division, and, before graduate school, a chemical process engineer for Rohm & Haas Co.

John Pellegrino's CV