Dr. Linden McClure, Professor AdjunctDr. Linden McClure has been Professor Adjunct on the faculty of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder since 1999. He created and continues to develop the lab-based ECEN 5613 Embedded System Design course which introduces students to the fundamentals of embedded system design, including hardware and firmware development.

Prof. McClure received B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering (1989) and Computer Engineering (1990) from the University of Maine at Orono and received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering (1992/1996) from the University of Colorado Boulder. His graduate studies focused on embedded systems, computer architecture, computer networks, and bioengineering. His research was supported by the Colorado Space Grant College and NASA and focused on the use of commercial off-the-shelf embedded systems in ultra low cost spacecraft.

He has worked full-time in industry since 1996. For over 17 years, he worked at HP in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he held positions of Principal Engineer and Senior Systems Architect. In 2014, he joined Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon, where he has been Director of Engineering and Platform Technologist. He has experience in multiple areas, including hardware design, software and firmware development, test architecture, chip package design, PCB design, motherboard design, system architecture, legal agreements, quality and reliability, and supplier/partner/customer relations. More information can be found on his LinkedIn site.

Prof. McClure has been teaching embedded systems topics for more than 30 years. In 1994, he developed and taught the first version of his embedded system design course. In 1999, he joined the faculty at CU-Boulder and initiated the Professional Certificate in Embedded Systems.