Agency Rules for Bridge Preservation. (2017-2019)

  • Sponsor: USDOT FHWA
  • Synthesis of practice and development of method to calibrate rules to guide selection of bridge preservation actions. 

Proposed AASHTO Guide for Bridge Preservation Actions. (2015-2019)

  • Sponsor: NAS-TRB.
  • Preparation of new AASHTO guide to preservation of highway bridges.

Bridge Load Posting Practices of US State DOTs. (2012-2013)

  • Sponsor: NAS-TRB.  
  • Collection and reporting on US nationwide policies on posting of highway bridges for weight restrictions.

Bridge Deterioration and Cost Data. (2008-2011)

  • Sponsor: Colorado DOT.  
  • Development of model data for Pontis bridge management system.

Bridge Management Decision Making. (2009) 

  • Sponsor: NCHRP Project 20-07.
  • Participant and report author for scan on bridge maintenance and management.​

National Bridge Maintenance Database. (2005-2010)

  • Sponsor: NCHRP Project 14-15.
  • Development of a national database for bridge maintenance actions.​

Bridge Inspection Practices. (2005-08)

  • Sponsor: NCHRP Synthesis Project 37-05.
  • Synthesis on US and international practices for bridge inspection.​

NEES Lab Improvement. (2004-06)

  • Sponsor: NEES/NSF.
  • Design and fabrication of post-tensioned modular reaction wall for CU’s earthquake simulation lab.​

Bridge Deck Performance. (2004-07)

  • Sponsor: Colorado DOT.
  • Study of condition histories, construction costs and maintenance costs to determine annualized costs of four types of Colorado DOT bridge decks.​

FHWA/AASHTO Scan Report. (2004)

  • Sponsor: FHWA.
  • Preparation of the report of the 2003 Scan Trip on Bridge Preservation.​

Retaining Wall Management System. (2003)

  • Sponsor: Colorado DOT.
  • Conceptual development of an element-based maintenance management system for retaining walls along highway corridors.​

Independent Facing for Mechanically Stabilized Walls. (2002).

  • Sponsor: Colorado DOT.
  • Review of final report on construction and performance of an IFF wall along I-25i n Denver.​

Computational Simulation of Aerodynamic Response of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. (2001)

  • Sponsor: National Science Foundation.
  • Use of computational fluid dynamics to investigate aerodynamic stability of the Bronx-Whitestone bridge.​

Nondivisible Load Study. (2000)

  • Sponsor: Colorado DOT.
  • Evaluation of effects on fatigue life of highway bridges of non-divisible loads from concrete precasting plants.