George HearnGeorge Hearn is associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prof. Hearn has more than thirty-five years' experience in bridge inspection, design, rehabilitation, and management. Prof. Hearn has served as principal investigator for bridge-related projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the National Academies, the US Federal Highway Administration and the State of Colorado. He is author of the 2014 synthesis on practices for bridge load posting, the author of the 2012 case studies of bridge management practices in Idaho, Michigan and Virginia, the author of the 2010 report on the domestic scan on Bridge Management Decision Making, author of NCHRP Synthesis 375 Bridge Inspection Practices (2007), the principal investigator for NCHRP Project 14-15 Developing a National Database System for Maintenance Actions on Highway Bridges (2010), and the principal investigator in evaluation of bridge preservation costs for Colorado DOT (2012). He evaluated bridge deck durability for Colorado DOT (2007), designed modular reaction walls for CU’s earthquake testing laboratory, wrote the report for the international scan trip on bridge preservation and maintenance (2005), developed a conceptual plan for a Colorado DOT system for maintenance management of retaining walls and sound barriers (2003), evaluated the effects of non-divisible loads on fatigue life of steel bridges for Colorado DOT (2001), established procedures for the use of NDE test data in element-level condition reports for the FHWA (2000), studied the reliability of field testing methods applied to highway bridges for the National Science Foundation (1998), developed methods for segmental inspections as a refinement to element-level condition reports for Colorado DOT (1997), and created the NBI translator for element-level condition data for the FHWA (1994 and 1997 revision). George Hearn is a member of the FHWA expert task group for bridge preservation, member of the NRC committee for technical advice to FHWA long-term bridge performance program, and chair of TRB committee AHD30 Structures Maintenance. George Hearn is a licensed professional engineer.