I have just joined the APPM department at Boulder, and I am actively recruiting Graduate and Undergraduate students for many exciting opportunities at the intersection of fast numerical methods and applied research. If you are interested, please email me at eduardo.corona@colorado.edu .

Alumni and Affiliated members

I would like to acknowledge alumni and student collaborators at Boulder, NYIT and University of Michigan.

  • Ryan Kohl (University of Michigan) - PhD student (Shravan Veerapaneni), ongoing work on Janus particle Stokesian suspension flows and Analysis of integral equation operators on spheroidal suspensions.
  • Saibal De (University of Michigan, now at Sandia National Labs) - research projects under Automotive Research Center (UMich) and US Army GVSC grants on Fast cone complementarity solvers for frictional dynamics and Tensor Train methods for granular flow data (DEM).
  • Samantha Rivera (NYIT, now at SEPTA) - undergraduate research project on adaptive time-stepping methods for rigid body and granular flows (NYIT internal grant) 
  • Hamad El Kazha (NYIT, now at U. Delaware) - undergraduate research project on numerical methods for sedimentation, erosion and deposition flows.