Torin K. Clark is an Assistant Professor in the Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences department and Biomedical Engineering program at CU-Boulder. My research group is part of the Bioastronautics Laboratory and I am a faculty affiliate of BioServe Space Technologies.Torin K. Clark, PhD

My research is focused on the challenges that humans face during space exploration missions. Specifically I focus on astronaut biomedical issues, space human factors, human sensorimotor/vestibular function and adaptation, interaction of human-autonomous and human-robotic systems, mathematical models of spatial orientation perception, and human-in-the-loop experiments. 

I am often looking for motivated PhD students, MS students, and undergraduates to join my research group. Availability of positions depends upon timing and current funding. Strong backgrounds in engineering, applied mathematics, and/or human physiology, as well as prior research experience, are desirable. If you are interested, please e-mail me (torin.clark@colorado.edu) your resume along with a brief (~1 paragraph) description about yourself, your goals, and your specific research interests. No form letters please!

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