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The CU suits team believes that it can maximize the impact of its outreach by targeting a diverse group of students in the Denver/Boulder metro area. Outreach activities emphasize the NASA SUITS challenge, applications of augmented and virtual reality technologies, the engineering design process, and other STEM topics. Each member of the team can identify a rolemodel that participated in catylizing his or her passion for human space exploration. It is our mission to forge interpersonal connections with students to inspire them the way our mentors inspired us. A sucessful day of outreach educates, stimulates, and animates students.

Press Release

CU/NASA Team Visits Wheat Ridge Schools

A team of engineers from the University of Colorado visited with Gifted and Talented students at both Everitt Middle School and Stevens Elementary School on Friday, April 13th, to demonstrate how augmented virtual reality is used in space exploration.  Approximately 130 students were introduced to the various aspects of the NASA program.  Later, they were given time to interact with various virtual tools.  Activities included flight simulation, liftoff and landing a SpaceX rocket, a space station power re-routing simulation, a virtual walk through the city of Paris or the International Space Station, and touching space station artifacts.


Students have an opportunity to explore flight simulation.


Although students were given the opportunity to try on space and flight gear, the CU presenters explained that there are many career opportunities at NASA.


Students explore the International Space Station through augmented virtual reality (AVR) tools.


Resolving a mock electrical emergency on the International Space Station allows students to recognize the value the AVR technology can bring to space exploration.