Zeiss Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray Microscope / Micro CT​

  • Generate 3D models from a series of non-destructive X-ray cross sections ​
  • In-situ tensile and compression testing
  • ​Image segmentation and quantification with ORS Dragonfly



Renishaw InVia - Raman Microscope​

  • Chemistry determination and mapping at the micro scale​
  • Raman signal is collected through the microscope objective​
  • ​Monitor chemical changes in real time



Hysitron resized


Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter - Nanomechanical Test Instrument​

  • Mechanical property determination and mapping at the nano-micro scale​
  • Nano-DMA for viscoelastic material characterization​
  • ​Nanoscratch and Nanowear testing with SPM imaging




Combined Raman and Nanoindentation


Combined Raman and Nanoindentation ​

  • Direct mapping of mechanical and chemical surface properties​
  • ​Sample is mounted within the nanoindenter where the Raman signal is also collected​