Instruments available for use in the MIMIC facility can be booked within our scheduling system for training and use and include the following:

  1. Zeiss Xradia 520 Versa with optional in situ mechanical testing capabilities.
  • Detail on this instrument is provided in the link to the right.
  1. Hysitron TI-950 Nanoindenter capable of traditional nano/microindentation, dynamic testing (nanoDMA), scratch testing. 
  • Add-ons available for this system that include an extended displacement stage (i.e., to test very soft materials), a Peltier stage (enabling testing from 0-100˚C), and custom environmental chambers.
  • Three transducers that include a 12 mN max load 2D transducer (for indentation and scratch testing), a 18 mN max load dynamic transducer, and a 500 mN max load transducer.
  1. Renishaw InVia Raman spectroscopy  
  • Materials can be assessed while located on the Renishaw system's confocal microscope stage
  • Fiber optic cables connect the Raman spectroscopy system to the optics on the nanoindenter to also enable site-matched nanomechanical assessment and spectroscopy measurements.
  1. MTS Insight II Mechanical Testing System
  • Desktop mechanical tester for tension, compression, bending, etc.
  • Load cells available include: 2 kN, 250 N, 5 N, and 2 N.
  • Testing fixtures for compression, tension, and bending can be made available for use. 



Note: this page is under construction where more detail on these instruments will be posted soon!