BioKEM - Cryo Tomography and Single Particle Analysis

The University of Colorado Boulder Biochemistry Department's Krios Electron Microscopy facility (BioKEM) offers single particle cryo-EM and cryo tomography of plunge-frozen samples. Using a Titan Krios G3i (funded by HHMI) for high resolution data collection on TFS Falcon 4 Direct Detection Camera and Selectris Imaging Filter, the BioKEM facility is able to offer high-end data collection at atomic level resolution with an option to have on the fly motion correction, particle picking, and 2D class averaging. The BioKEM facility uses EPU for SPA and SerialEM for cryo-ET data acquisition. For sample prep and vitrification please contact CU Boulder's Electron Microscopy Services at the Moleclular Cellular Developmental Biology Department.

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