BioKEM - Cryo Tomography and Single Particle Analysis

The University of Colorado Boulder Biochemistry Department's Krios Electron Microscopy facility (BioKEM) offers single particle cryo-EM and cryo tomography of plunge-frozen samples. The BioKEM facility houses both a Titan Krios and Glacios TEMs. Using a Titan Krios G3i (funded by HHMI) for high resolution data collection on TFS Falcon 4 Direct Detection Camera and Selectris Imaging Filter, the BioKEM facility is able to offer high-end data collection at atomic level resolution with an option to have on the fly motion correction, particle picking, and 2D class averaging. The Glacios is equiped with a Ceta 16M CMOS and Gatan K3 direct electron detector for robust sample screening and high-resolution data acquistion using SerialEM. The BioKEM facility uses EPU and SerialEM for SPA and Tomo and SerialEM for cryo-ET data acquisition. For sample prep and vitrification please contact CU Boulder's Electron Microscopy Services at the Moleclular Cellular Developmental Biology Department.

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