The University of Colorado welcomes your comments and participation to keep the campus standards current and helpful to all users. This form is to be used for making project specific variance requests and/or general feedback on the campus standards.  For project specific variance requests, the design professional shall make a variance request during the design phase of a project prior to construction.  The design professional must include an assessment of the total cost of ownership for the product or system they are seeking a variance from.  This form is not to be used in place of a request for information (RFI) or change order (CO) process to meet project field conditions. 

Any variance from the products or system will need approval via this form.  All fields on this form must be completed; incomplete requests will not be processed.

Best phone number to call you if we need extra information or clarification.
Please describe your issue or variance request. If applicable, also discuss maintainability and life cycle/total cost of ownership as it relates to your request.
A variance request will require, in addition to the description of the request, a comparison of the proposed product or system to that in the Standards. The comparison should include technical data comparison, number of years utilized in the Boulder area, number of years manufacturer in business, etc. Please also discuss maintainability and life cycle/total cost of ownership. Please attach supporting documentation as a PDF or a word DOC file.
Files must be less than 32 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.