A - General Project Standards          

     A0021.1 - UCB Building Area Measurement System (BAMS)

     A0021.2 - UCB Property Asset Numbering System (PANS)

     A0021.3 - UCB Classroom Design Requirements

     A0022.1 - UCB CAD/BIM Standards

     A0050.1 - UCB Exterior Signage Requirements

D - Building Services 

     D3020.1 - UCB Steam Diagrams and Details

     D3020.2 - UCB Steam & Condensate Piping (For Reference Only)

     D5010.1 - UCB Panel Cover Detail

     D5020.1 - UCB Pedestrian Light Standard Detail

     D6010.1 - BAS Specification

     D7000 - Information Technology - General

     D7010 - IT Pathways

     D7020 - IT Cabling

     D7030 - IT Equipment Rooms

     D7040 - IT Contractor Requirements

     D7050 - IT System Testing and Labeling

     D7060 - IT CAD Requirements

     D7070 - Audio/Visual Systems

     D7080 - Distributed Communications and Monitoring

     D7090 - Wireless Communications

F - Special Construction        

     F2010.1 - UCB Housing and Dining Services Interior Construction Standards

     F2020.1 - UCB Housing and Dining Services Integrated Security Standards

G - Sitework and Utilities     

     G0000.1 – UCB Standard Site and Civil Details  (Contact FM CAD/GIS for AutoCAD files)

     G0000.2 - ADA Parking Stall Striping Detail

     G3001.1 - 120/208V Metering Standards Detail [Contact Utility Services for Detail]

     G3001.2 - 277/480V Metering Standards Detail [Contact Utility Services for Detail]

     G3060.1 - Medium Voltage Switching Diagram 

     G3060.2 - Medium Voltage Grounding Diagram