Otha headshot
Assistant Director for First-Year Advising
University Exploration & Advising Center

Otha was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He later moved to Arkansas, graduating from Henderson State University. After much academic exploration, he received his undergraduate degree in Business with a minor in German studies. After completing his undergraduate degree, he worked for several years as a residence hall counselor at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Otha later moved to Boulder to pursue his master’s degree in German studies. After completing his master’s, Otha began working at CU as an academic advisor. He held many professional roles that allowed him to span the full range of the student educational journey. He began working as a first-year and open-option advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences. He then went on to work as the Graduate Program Manager for the Department of Chemistry working with PhD and MS students. He then worked in the College of Engineering and Applied Science for many years as the primary advisor for the Engineering Plus program. He extended his portfolio to include working with underrepresented student populations, first-year and open-option students, intra-university transfer students, exchange students and students who intersected multiple of these identities.

In his spare time, Otha’s passions revolve around travelling, experimental bread baking, reading, studying new languages and cultures and playing classical piano. Sergei Rachmaninoff and Claude Debussy are among his favorites.