Jess headshot
Academic Advisor
University Exploration & Advising Center

Meet Jess, a true native of Colorado. With a bachelor's degree in Audio Production under her belt, she's got a colorful palette of experiences - customer service, music production, live performance, theatre, graphic design, marketing, UX/UI, and her personal favorite, teaching yoga. These experiences have shaped her into the perfect guide for students embarking on their unique college journey. Jess dreams of being the advisor she never had and is dedicated to supporting every student who walks into our office. As a yoga teacher, she brings a touch of mindfulness, her yoga wisdom, and a big scoop of empathy to her advising role - making her an incredibly supportive and uplifting advisor. She's all in when it comes to her students' success. Currently, Jess has her sights set on furthering her education to give an even bigger boost to her advising skills. She's a firm believer in constant self-improvement and she's excited for what the future holds.

Outside of CU, Jess enjoys spoiling her eight-year-old Pitbull (Cookie), spending time with her loved ones, continuously learning new things, and aspires to travel the world.