n addition to a shared classroom experience, students will jumpstart their academic and career exploration through co-curricular activities and will develop interpersonal connections through social activities. A sampling of LLC offerings includes:

  • Career development and preparedness workshops and activities, including establishing a Handshake profile and exploring hands-on experiences catered to first year students
  • Create a personalized degree plan to incorporate individual skills and interests 
  • Faculty/Staff support and peer mentoring in a small setting that’s focused on learning from the journeys of others, including students who’ve been where you are today
  • Learn design thinking skills in & out of the classroom
  • Activities that support academic success, including in-hall study spaces & tutoring sessions for key courses that are common IUT requirements
  • Easy in-hall access to academic advisors, academic coaches, career advisors, and wellness support
  • Social activities that apply innovative exploration strategies, including exploring the IDEA Forge
  • Social activities that strengthen the community within the residence halls and campus