To add ticketing or registration information to your event, click the Ticketing & Registration tab.

Ticketing and registration tab

Use Localist Register: We do not have this option enabled on the platform

Ticket Cost: Enter any number with accompanying text, such as $10 door. If the event is free then leave this field blank.

Registration URL: Add a Buy Tickets or Register button to your event.

  • Buy Tickets Button: If a price is entered in the  Ticket Cost field, the link added to this field will default to say Buy Tickets.
    • There are University policies around collecting monies for an event. University approval is required. Please see Event Ticketing for Event Admins for more information.
  • Register Button: If the event requires registration put the registration URL here and be sure to leave the ticket cost field is blank.

Important note: Events asking for payment must comply with university policies first. (Link to tutorial with Registration with payment)

Eventbrite ID: If you use Eventbride add the Eventbrite ID.