All content entered into the University events calendar must be ADA compliant. Please review the following basic accessibility requirements.

Basic Accessibility Checklist

  • Avoid All Caps - Screen readers may read text that is written in all caps as the letters instead of the words. All caps is generally harder to read because the words lack the shape of letters.
  • Lists - Use lists to group similar information, such as topics covered in a talk. Lists are easier for all users to consume. Lists are well supported with assistive technology.
  • Links should be clearly labeled, descriptive, and readily identified. Link text should make sense when read by itself; using generic labels like "click here" and "more" without the use of a supplemental description is discouraged. Do not use the raw URL address for your link text.
  • Images that convey information or meaning must have descriptive alternative text. Images of text are discouraged. You may use an image that has a few words such as "Coffee Hour" where you may include the text in the image in the photo caption.