Once you have submitted an event, you have the ability to modify, delete or copy the event. You may only modify or delete an event that you created.

1.  Log in to the calendar with your CU Identikey and password

There are several ways an event can be edited:

  1. Find the event page in event calendar and click on the “Admin Event Editor” link under the location map on the event page.

  2. Search for the event using the administrative dashboard
    1. or under the Events link select "live", use the search tool or look for the event in the chronological list of events
    2. or use Future Events button on the dashboard

Any of the above methods will lead you to the event page. Editing or Copying an event saves you time so you do not need to create a similar event from scratch or if you have a series of events, you may modify the series. You may change the title, description, date and time, location and other information. Event type and department tags can also be added.

Add Additional Dates

Additional dates for an event can be added to an existing event by adding new dates  in the schedule fields then clicking the “ Include Above in Schedule” button above the Confirmed Dates. Refine the new additional dates list as needed.

Remove an Event Type or Interest Tag

If you wish to remove an event type or interest tag, click on the red “X” on the right side of the tag box.


Once all the necessary changes have been made, click on one of the “ Save Changes” buttons located on the top and bottom of the form.

You will see a box at the top of your screen confirming you have saved the event 

Note: Deleting an Event

You may also delete an event if the event is a duplicate.